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Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine which deals with the diseases of the eye. The speciality has grown tremendously over the last few years and it is now possible to diagnose and treat a very large number of ocular diseases. Ophthalmology is one of the unique branches which has both medical and surgical aspects in patient management. Advanced equipment and refinement in surgery has enabled an eye surgeon a greater precision during surgery. Advent of lasers have revolutionised the management of posterior segment diseases, most of which can now be easily and adequately treated. The speciality is now subdivided into subspecialities taking care of cornea, lens , uvea, glaucoma, squint, oculoplasty, retina , neurophthalmology and pediatric ophthalmology for better patient care.

The department is housed in the OPD block on the second floor. It has consultants cabin and a resident cabin for examining the OPD patient. In addition there are separate rooms for refraction, perimetry, fundus fluorescein angiography and laser. The department has an Eye Bank and facilities for corneal transplantation.

The department was established in year 1997 as part of the medical college.

Post Graduation was started in the department in the year 2011 and two MS students were admitted. During the inspection in the year 2012 the seats were enhanced from 2 to 4 and thereafter every year 4 students are admitted for MS Ophthalmology course.


Short Term:

  1. Medical Retina services to be started after acquiring green laser

  2. Encouragement for research activities

  3. Using innovative teaching tools for both undergraduate and postgraduate students

Long Term:

Patient care:



    • A fully functional eye bank with facilities for penetrating and lamellar procedures.

    • Refractive surgery would be started after acquiring state of the art Excimer Laser

  2. GLAUCOMA Fully functional glaucoma unit with facilities for laser trabeculoplasty and management of all congenital and acquired glaucoma cases.


    • A fully functional vitreoretinal unit with facilities for all medical and surgical vitreoretinal procedures would be established.

    • A State of the art vitrectomy unit will be acquired.

    • There will be provision for management of all cases of ROP, Diabetic Retinopathy and different types of retinal detachments.

  4. SQUINT AND OPHTHALMOPLASTY CLINIC A separate squint and ophthalmoplasty unit with facilities for all types and strabismus and ophthalmoplasty procedures will be set up.


    • Neuro-ophthalmology would be developed as a specialized field.

    • All facilities for ERG, EOG, and visual evoked potentials would be acquired.

    • In a coherent and co-ordinated manner other departments of neurology, neurosurgery, medicine and pediatrics would be associated with the neuro-ophthalmology unit.

  6. PEDIATRIC OPHTHALMOLOGY UNIT A pediatric ophthalmology unit will be started where all facilities for diagnosis and management of paediatric ocular disease will be available.

  7. LOW VISION CLINIC Low vision clinic which is already functional Will be further strengthened with provision to dispense low vision Aids to the patients.

  8. LENS – Management of Cataract would be brought at par with the best centers with provision of accommodative lenses and use of laser system in conjunction with Phacoemulsification for management of cataract.

  9. WET LAB – a state of art wet lab with Phacoemulsification unit and a good quality operating microscope will be acquired.


  • With OPD on the ground floor along with separate clinics. 

  • Ward on the first floor .        

  • Three OTs on the top floor. Two OT`s for clean uninfected cases and one for septic cases .

Creating additional posts and gradually the number of Units will be enhanced from one to two and eventually three with the total number of consultants being nine. Each unit would be headed by Professor and one Associate and one Assistant Professor would comprise the unit. All the consultants would undergo at least one specialized training in the field of their interest.


  1. The department envisions encouraging research which directly translates to patient care.
  2. Facilities for such research like establishment of a fully functional departmental research laboratory would be made available.


The department intends to be one of the best post graduates teaching institute in the country at par with the best institutes.

  1. The department would lay more emphasis on clinical and surgical skill development of the Post graduate students for which state of the art learning techniques would be adopted. The initial training will be given on simulators and wet labs.

  2. For both under graduate and post graduate audio visual aids would be used for teaching purposes.


  1. Comprehensive, affordable, quality eye care to the patients.

  2. Learner centric teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

  3. Community outreach activities.

  4. Research.


  • Lensometer
  • Eye Bank
  • OCT
  • Operating microscope with CCTV
  • A/B scan Ultrasonography
  • Automated perimeter
  • Fundus camera with facility for fundus fluorscein angiography
  • Nd Yag Laser unit
  • Indirect ophthalmoscope
  • Autorefractokeratometer
  • Synoptophore
  • Photoslit lamp
  • Phacoemulsification
  • Pachymetry
  • Slit lamp biomicroscopy
  • Hand Held Slit lamp

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. Gaurav Sharma

MS Ophthalmology

Professor and Head 30-08-2013
2 Dr. S K Sharma

MS Ophthalmology

Assistant Professor 17-Jul-2020
3 Dr Indu Dhiman

MS Opthalmology

Assistant Professor (Desgn) 09-09-2021

Senior Residents

# Name Qualification Date of Joining
1 Dr. Aakansha Sharma   2018
2 Dr Rakesh Kumar   27-October-2022
3 Dr Swati   28-11-23
4 Dr Pranidhi   5-12-23

Junior Residents

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# NameQualificationDate of Joining
1 Dr Asmita10-March-2022
2 Dr Sejal4-June-2022
3 Dr Saurabh10-March-2022
4 Dr Tanvi14-March-2022
5 Dr Aparna25-October-2022
6 Dr Navneet 
7 Dr Bijoyta 
8 Dr Deeksha20-October-2022
9 Dr Vishakha12-September-2023
10 Dr Aman5-October-2023
11 Dr Kapil19-October-2023
12 Dr Mayur25-October-2023



# Name Number of labs


Competency based under graduate curriculum

CBUG - Ophthalmology Department

Department Highlights (Past 5 Years)

Publication List:

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Departmental Activities

Eye donation fortnight

World Glaucoma Day

World Sight Day