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Biophysics  is a molecular science which seeks to explain  various biomedical processes in terms of  molecular structures and properties of specific molecules. It uses various biophysical  principles to describe the biomedical processes for the purpose of medical applications both in normal and diseased  states. It is a vibrant interdisciplinary area with links to all the functional medical branches. The biological questions with which the biophysics is concerned are highly diverse. It is the potential of biophysics to describe that how the photons, odours ,  sound waves, flavours or touches are detected by the respective sense organs and converted into electrical  signals that feed the brain with information about the external world. It explains, say for example, how a muscle convert the chemical energy of hydrolysis of ATP into mechanical force & movement. It is the biophysics which addresses  structurally that  how a single long DNA molecule unfolds and replicates with great precision or directs the production of proteins. The list is endless. Biophysics being a diverse field has specialized areas such as molecular & structural biophysics,  radiation biophysics, cancer biophysics with imaging & radio-pharmaceuticals, theoretical & computational biophysics, biophysical techniques & mechanisms, membrane biophysics, biophysical proteomics & genomics etc. The faculty in biophysics often have doctoral & post doctoral work in these areas.

Our department is mainly involved in teaching the various biophysical principles involved in human system both in normal & diseased  conditions. The faculty intends to start the applied research work towards patient care. The department. has  two faculty members at a level of  Professor (Dr. Rajeev Goel) and Assistant Professor ( Mrs. Richa Sood).




  • To make the Department a Centre of Excellence in Translational Health Research


  • To start M.Sc. and Ph.D./M.D. courses in Biophysics at par with AIIMS.  

Future Labs Development:       

  • A Fully Equipped state-of-the-art  Bio-potential,  Molecular & Structural     Biophysics, and Radiation Biophysics Labs 

Research Areas of Interest and Priority : 

  • Electromagnetic Field-Induced Stem Cell Differentiation
  • Proteomics & Structural Biophysics
  • Photobiology & Imaging 
  • Gene Silencing 
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Inter-departmental research activities   


  • To make the department a Centre of Excellence in Translational  Health Research/ Technology   
  • Starting M.Sc./Ph.D./M.D. programs in Biophysics


  • To develop the scientific bent of mind amongst medical students and to carry forward the legacy of our teachers & predecessors.



  • The department mainly being a teaching dept. has a teaching room with visual aids.
  • The dept. has a subscription to a few journals which are accessible to the students.
  • The Bio-Potential lab will be developed for demonstration of Bio-Potential practicals once the equipment is received.

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. Rajeev Goel Professor and Head 1-Feb-2001

•    Awarded Institute (PGIMER) Silver Medal (First Order) for the Best Research Work      done(1996). 
*    Winner of Best Paper Award 1993, of Indian Society  for Atherosclerosis  Research (ISAR) for  the Best Paper presented in  the  6th  Annual  Conference  of ISAR  and International Symposium on Platelet Function in Coronary Atherosclerosis, New Delhi, India , Dec. 4–6, 1993.

Travelling Grants:
*    Awarded DST Travelling Grant for attending the 10th International Symposium on Atherosclerosis. Montreal, Canada 1994, by Deptt. of Science & Technology, New Delhi, India.
*    Awarded CSIR and DST Travelling Grant for attending the 4th IUBMB Conference on "Life and Death of the Cell" at Edinburgh, U.K., 1996 by CSIR and DST, New Delhi, India.

•    Post Doctoral Fellowship from Indiana University Medical Centre, IndianaPolis, U.S. A.,  (1998).

2 Mrs. Richa Sood Assistant Professor 22-Nov-1997


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The  deptt. is involved in  M.B.B.S. teaching.


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Department Highlights (Past 3 Years)

Publication List:

Rajeev Goel. Non-coding RNAs in the brain: new class of prospective biomarkers and therapeutics. Int. Jl. Res Med Sciences. 2023 Sep;11(9).3568-3581.

Goel. R. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Its Working, Potentials and Applications. International Jl. of Advances in Medicine. 2023. Vol.10(1);108-116

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PROJECTS: The Role of Metabolomics in Breast Carcinoma Prognosis: Feasibility and Implication Study. Rajeev Goel, Muninder Negi, Bhagat Chand. (Interdisciplinary Research Project with the Deptt. of Radiotherapy; Submitted for Intramural Research Grant)

PROJECTS: Identifying Potential Blood Markers for Post Mortem Interval by Using GC-MS. Rajeev Goel, Vijay Arora. (Interdisciplinary Research Project with the Deptt. of Forensic Medicine; Submitted for Intramural Research Grant)

Conference Presentation: Deepak Kumar, Rajeev Goel, Vijay Arora. Role of Omics in Forensic Medicine. Emerging Trends in Forensic Sciences. 1stInternational e –Conference(IASR).30-31Jan,2021.P39.

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Bhagat Chand, Mukesh Kumar, Muninder Kumar, Rajeev Goel . Biomarkers in Breast Cancer: A Brief Review. International Jl. of Research and Analytical Reviews. 2019;6(1)647-652

Departmental Activities