A scheme of Department of Health Research (DHR) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India.



1.The Department of Health Research was created as a new Department under the

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare vide Presidential Notification dated the 17th September,2007 by an amendment to the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961.The Department has been allocated 9 new functions to promote health research activities,besides the ongoing work relating to the management and administration of ICMR.

Government of India, in June, 2013, approved the scheme for ‘Establishment of Multi -Disciplinary Research Units (MRUs) in the Government Medical Colleges/Research Institutions’ during the 12th Plan period as a path- breaking initiative to develop/strength the health research infrastructure in the country to fulfill the newly allocated function of the Department related to the “Promotion, Coordination andDevelopment of Basic, Applied and Clinical Research”.



The objectives of the present scheme are to:

  • Encourage and strengthen an environment of research in medical colleges.
  • Bridge the gap in the infrastructure which is inhibiting health research in the

Medical Colleges by assisting them to establish multidisciplinary research facilities with a view to improving the health research and health services.

  • To ensure the geographical spread of health research infrastructure, in order to

Cover un-served and under-served Medical Colleges and other institutions.

  • To improve the overall health status of the population by creating evidence-based application of diagnostic procedures/processes/methods.



  • The scheme entails establishment of modern Biological Lab/ Multi-Disciplinary Research facilities in 80 Government Medical Colleges for promoting medical research in the country, in a phased manner (35 in 2013-14 and 45 in 2014-15).



  • To undertake research in non-communicable diseases and other need-based research as recommended by the Local Research Committee/Expert Committee of the DHR employing newer tools.
  • To promote and encourage quality medical research in the Institution.
  • To constitute the local research committees for identifying the research priorities and projects with participation of State health system officials


Multi- Disciplinary Research Unit Staff

S.No Name Designation Contact No.
1 Prof. Sunil K. Raina Nodal Officer 9418061066
2 Mr. Satyabhushan Assistant Nodal Officer 9418063500
3 Dr. Piyush Sharma Research Scientist II 9857571379
4 Mr. Anil Kumar Lab Technician
5 Mrs. Asha Devi Lab Technician
6 Mr. Sanjiv Kumar Data Entry Operator


 List of ongoing research Projects in Multi- Disciplinary Research Unit

S.No Project Title Principal Investigator
1 Metabolomics of endometrial carcinoma: A case control study

Dr. Manupriya

Deptt. Pathology

2 Comparison of serum Metabolomics profile of children and adult with systemic lupus Erythromatosus vis a vis apparently healthy children as assessed by Gas-Chromatography-coupled-Mass-Spectroscopy.

Dr. Avinash Sharma

Deptt. Paediatrics

3 Measurement of pesticide concentration in patient with goitrous lymphocytic thyroiditis: A case control study

Dr. Rashmi Kaul

Deptt. Pathology

4 To study the prevalence of inborn errors of metabolism among neonates and children from birth to ten years, presenting with clinical profile consistent with an inborn error of metabolism.

Dr. Piyush Gautam

Deptt. Paediatrics

5 Free fatty acid in acute coronary syndrome: A case control study

Dr. Sujeet Raina

Deptt. Medicine

6 Elevated serum pesticide levels and risk of Parkinson disease: A study in the rural north western India. Dr. Amit Bhardwaj
7 Association of Metabolomics with pre-eclampsia among nulliparous pregnant women (18-40 years) attending OPD in the tertiary care hospital.

Dr. Chanderdeep

Dept. Obstetrics



Metabolic approach to identify diagnostic marker in paediatric septic shock–a prospective observational study.


.Dr. Samriti Gupta

Dept. Paediatrics


Metabolomics in the patients with chronic plaque psoriasis: a case control study.


Dr. Vikram Mahajan

Dept. of Dermatology.


Pharmacogenetic testing in the patients of ACS awaiting PCI and Clopidogrel therapy.


Dr Atal Sood,

Dept. Pharmacology.


Investigating the radiation effect on Chlorophyll for radiotherapy Dosimeter.


Dr. Muninder Negi

Deptt. of Radiotherapy


Factors besides Iodine influencing Thyroid function in the Sub Himalayan region of India:  a cross sectional study.


Dr. Raman Chauhan

Deptt. Community Medicine

13 Measurement of Immunological response of Newer WHO recommendation for the post exposure prophylaxis in rabies.

Dr. Raman Chauhan

Deptt. Community Medicine


Clinical epidemiological and immunological profile in Children in recurrent pneumonia.


Dr. Avinash Sharma

Dept. Paediatrics

15 To study chemical diagnosis of non-syndromic neuro-developmental disabilities by GC-MS analyses of urinary metabolites in Children aged 6 months to 18 years.

Dr. Seema Sharma

Dept. Paediatrics

16 To study the application of GC-MS in identification of poisoning in Children aged 6 months to 18 years in Tertiary care centre of sub-Himalayan India.

Dr. Seema Sharma

Dept. Paediatrics