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The department of ENT and head & neck surgery is fully equipped with highly specialized instruments and machinery like operating microscope CCTV camera, audiometer- tympanometer-BERA, Speech therapy. In addition to providing routine and emergency services to the patient, department of ENT and head & neck surgery is performing cochlear implant, FESS and highly complicated surgeries.


  • The department seeks to establish itself as the advanced/apex ENT treatment centre for Northern India in future. It proposes to have a separate advanced ENT centre housed in a separate building in the same campus with dedicated medical and paramedical staff trained to manage advanced and routine ENT procedures and proficient in latest operative techniques. 
  • With adequate provision of facilities in future the department will start fellowship and super speciality courses in Head & Neck and skull base surgery and advanced FESS. 
  • With the help of proper training at higher centres and with advanced equipments in near future plan for Starting facilities for neurotology including full fledged ENG lab. 
  • In addition start of transoral robotic surgeries and LASER treatment unit for treatment of cancers of oral cavity and various ENT diseases respectively. 
  • The department also plans to enhance the number of working units to three and start full fledged separate OT Complex .
  • Commencement of Various other procedures will be there including Sleep apnoea/snoring surgeries. 
  • Department is working towards a separate and fully established centre for Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired persons specially congenitally deaf children and elderly patients including Provision of Hearing Aids and various rehabilitation surgeries including Middle ear implants, BAHA, etc. 
  • For patients optimum care Routine use of diagnostic nasal, laryngeal and oto Endoscopy in the OPD is expected to be established with photographic diagnostic and follow up services. 
  • The department is planning to get trained in Advanced nasal and sinus surgeries including Balloon Sinuplasty and establish the same in the department. 
  • Advanced technology equipped Robotic thyroid and other neck surgeries with special centre for head and neck cancer surgeries. 
  • All types of rigid and fibreoptic Bronchoscopic and oesophagoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures will be established. 
  • Embryonic stem cell preservation and implantation for various genetic hearing and vision disorders. 
  • Plan To start bachelor courses and later master courses in audiology and speech training. 


  1. Head and neck cancer and reconstructive surgery
  2. Skull base surgery
  3. Cochlear implant 
  4. Operating microscopes with CCTV camera
  5. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)
  6. Audiometry 
  7. Tympanometry
  8. BERA
  9. Speech therapy
  10. Nasopharyngoscopy

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr Munish Saroch


Professor and Head
2 Dr Vishal Sambyal


Assistant Professor (Desgn)

Junior Residents

# Name Date of Joining
1 Dr Vikrant 9-Mar-2022
2 Dr Tanuj Bhadwal 9-Mar-2022
3 Dr Vaishali 15-Nov-2022
4 Dr Rajat Bhardwaj 9-Nov-2022
5 Dr Niru Kanwar 4-Nov-2022
6 Dr Garima 10-Nov-2022
7 Dr. Gaurang Gaur
8 Dr Riya
9 Dr Abhay
10 Dr Ajay
11 Dr Karishma
12 Dr Anuj

Speech Therapist

# Name Designation
1 Mrs. Shivani Sharma Speech Therapist



Teaching Roster

Emergency duty roster



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Competency based under graduate curriculum


Department Highlights (Past 5 Years)

Publication List:

Dr S.S Dogra Therapeutic Guidelines for antimicrobial use in chronic suppurative otitis media for a tertiary care hospital in Sub Himalayan region 2018 International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology

Research paper as 'MAPKAP2 plays a crucial role in the progression of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma by regulating transcript stability' published in Journal of Experimental & clinical research by Dr. Munish Saroch in the year 2019

Departmental Activities