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Department of Cardiology at Dr RPGMC Kangra at Tanda was initiated in 2013. The department currently caters more than 20,000 patients every year in outpatient clinic. The department provides the region's most comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation and consultation along with a full suite of state-of-the-art cardiac testing. We evaluate and treat heart problems such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart valve problems and heart failure, and provide best of the art care for the patients with heart disease.


Vision of the department is the commitment to deliver comprehensive quality patient care in cardiology. Heart team is dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality cardiac care to our patients with a professional compassionate approach. Our focus is to ensure to provide a comprehensive range of cardiac expertise to our community.

Our Core Values drive our operational excellence, collaborative and supportive culture and ensure we deliver quality cardiac care with excellent customer service standards.

We take great pride in fostering an open and supportive culture that inspires the team to work together in a collaborative environment. Mutual respect within the organisation ensures trust and honesty in delivering all facets and this ethical focus is translated externally into how we treat our patients and deliver quality cardiac care consistently.

We respect every individual and understand that each patient will have varying needs and that it is important to work collaboratively and compassionately for the best outcome in every individual case. Our patient’s health comes first and we work together in an open and supportive environment to ensure there is a clear understanding of the care required and to demonstrate empathy at all times to our patients and colleagues.

We maintain a focus on skill and knowledge combined with utilising contemporary medical technology to deliver excellence in cardiac care for our patients. Our group of doctors aim to be the first choice in cardiac care through reputation, professionalism and expertise. This high standard of care drives us every day and underpins our operations and cultural environment to deliver optimal patient outcomes.

We foster a sustainable culture of ongoing improvement and support in a dynamic and compassionate team environment. Day to day we will embody the ethos of positivity, integrity, professional development, teamwork and a sense of mutual respect.

To achieve excellence in cardiac clinical care by investing in skills training, modern technology, expertise, and by working in collaboration with allied health professionals for the very best outcome for our patients. A reputation that is paramount for patient and referrer satisfaction.



  • Cath lab
  • TMT
  • Echo
  • Holter
  • Coronary angiography
  • Coronary stenting
  • Peripheral angiography and stenting
  • Temporary and permanent pacemaker insertion
  • EPS RFA,
  • Device closures

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. Mukul Kumar


Professor and Head 08-Oct-2013


2 Dr. Naresh Rana


Assistant Professor Sep-2016
3 Dr. Ambudhar Sharma


Assistant Professor Jul-2018
4 Dr Sanjeev Kumar


Assistant Professor 15 July 2021


Teaching Roster



# Name Number of labs


Competency based under graduate curriculum

Department Highlights (Past 5 Years)

Publication List:

Gargi G, Kumar M, Singh G, Saini A, Goyal SK. Pulsating Abdomen: Diagnostic Dilemma- A Case Report. Int. J. of Adv. Res. 2018;6:1371-4

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Chauhan V, Negi PC, Raina S, Raina S, Guleri R, Bhatnagar M et al. 24-Hour Tele-Electrocardiography Helpline For Rural Doctors Is A Game Changer In Resource Poor Settings. J Am College Cardiol, suppl. S; New York 67.13: 654 (abstract Poster presentation) (Impact factor: 17.759, Citation-Nil)

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