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Anatomy Department is located in the campus of Dr. RPGMC Tanda in New Anatomy Block Building with dissection hall in ground floor faculty rooms, histology lab and seminar rooms in first floor and Museum in second floor with lecture theatre and examination hall on the third floor.


  1. To provide for instruction and training in such branches of learning as it may deem fit.
  2. To provide for research and for the advancement of and dissemination of knowledge.
  3. To undertake extramural studies, extension programmes and field outreach activities to contribute to the development of society.
  4. To provide education in medical and health sciences or any other branches that will imbibe humane qualities in our students in order to enable them to practice medical and health care prudently and equitably.
  5. To endeavor to improve quality of undergraduate and postgraduate education by providing necessary infrastructure and learning resources required.
  6. To encourage use of learner oriented methods that would cultivate logical thinking, clarity of expression, independence of judgment, scientific habits, problem solving abilities, self initiated self directed and life learning.
  7. To encourage innovations in education, teaching methods, student assessment and in extension service.
  8. To provide educational experience that allow hands-on- experience both in institutional as well as in community setting.
  9. To promote staff student welfare programmes.
  10. To create an academic and administrative structure in tune with the changing needs of the society, so as to enable the growth of each institution of the University into a center of excellence.
  11. To promote and sustain international collaborations with institutions, including twinning programs and award of degrees/diplomas.
  12. To bring in all aspects of creative human activities in medical and allied sciences such as art.
  13. To organize and promote conferences, seminars, lectures, public debates and exhibitions in matters relating to education.
  14. To give awards, prizes and scholarships to promote the objectives
  15. To form centers at convenient places and promote the objectives
  16. To promote education research, training and professional development in medical, Bio-medical or any other branches of education.
  17. Integrated teaching seminars with problem solving exercises
  18. Computerizations
  19. Voluntary body donation
  20. Future proposals


  • Committed to provide globally competitive quality medical education.
  • To provide the best health care facilities in this backward region, in particular, to socially disadvantaged sections of the society.
  • Constantly striving to become a reputed research University with world-class infrastructure, latest tech-tools for teaching/research and adopting global best practices.


Dissection Hall is fully equipped having 10 major & 5 Minor dissection table. Mortuary Chamber, Body cutting Machine, embalming Machine .

Histology Lab fully equipped with 35 Microscope with facility of Trinocular research Microscope with CCTV camera and Monitor.

Demonstration room with over head projector.

Research lab fully equipped with 5 research microscope , , Automatic Tissue Processor, Microtome & cutting & staining equipment.

Departmental library containing 90 Books.
Museum having different wings.

  • Osteology
  • Radiology
  • Embryology & Genetics
  • Gross Anatomy
  • Histology Charts

Out Standing Models of Embryology prepared by students.

Established Photographic section & art Section.

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. Rohit Sharma Assistant Professor
2 Dr. Garima Sharma Assistant Professor
3 Dr. Saroj Tutor
4 Dr. Inder Mohan Bisht Medical Officer (Specialist) MD Anatomy
5 Dr. Priyanka Dhiman Medical Officer (Specialist) MD Anatomy
6 Dr. Ankita Chauhan Medical Officer (Specialist) MD Anatomy
7 Dr. Ashwani Sharma JR - Third Year
8 Dr. Richa Bhatnagar JR - Third Year
9 Dr. Manisha Katoch JR - First Year
10 Dr. Vishal Kalia

MD Anatomy

Professor 16-01-2013
11 DR. SUMAN YADAV Professor and Head

Medical Office

# Name Qualifications Date of Joining

Senior Residents

# Name Qualification Date of Joining
1 Dr. Rohit Sharma

MD Anatomy


Junior Residents

# Name Date of Joining
1 Dr. Ankita Chauhan 18/05/2018
2 Dr. Praveen Sharma 18/05/2018
3 Dr Aswani Sharma
4 Dr Richa Bhatnagar
6 Dr Shivangi Bhat

Teaching Roster

Emergency duty roster



# Name Number of labs
1 Research Lab 1
2 Histology Lab 1
3 Anthropology Lab 1
4 Embryology Lab 1
5 Neuroanatomy Lab 1
6 X-Ray Lab 1

Competency based under graduate curriculum

Competency based post graduate training programme for MD - Anatomy

Department Highlights (Past 5 Years)

Publication List:

Yadav Suman, Kalia Vishal , Sharma Rohit-Measurement Of Volume Of Clavicle Bone In Both Sexes.

Chander Bal, Dwivedi Daisy, Thakur Sita, Yadav Suman. Placento-cranial adhesion: A new syndromic association. 2019:Jrnl fetal medicine

Dwivedi Daisy, Saxena Ankur, Anurag, Yadav Suman. Zygomatico-facial and Zygomatico-orbital foramina : Morphological study in dry adult human skulls. Global journal for research analysis. 2018:vol-7:issue 8

Priyanka Dhiman, Suman Yadav, Balchander, Dwivedi Daisy, Amit Verma. To Study The Splenic Development In Anencephalic Fetuses. Conference Of North Chapter Of Anatomical Society, Cme On Cardiothoracic Congenital Defects, 12th October, 2019.P.23.

Priyanka Dhiman, Suman Yadav, Balchander, Dwivedi Daisy, Amit Verma. Ctev With Mega Urinary Bladder: A Case Report. Conference Of North Chapter Of Anatomical Society, CME On Cardiothoracic Congenital Defects, 12th October, 2019.P.42

Dhiman Priyanka, Yadav Suman, Gastroschisis With Congenital Talipes Equino Varus: A Case Report. Paripex: Indian Journal Of Research, Volume-8, Issue 2, February -2019.P.63- 64

Sharma Parveen, Yadav S. A case report of anomalous origin of left coronary artery branches with clinical significance conference of north chapter of anatomical society, CME on cardiothoracic congenital defects, 12th Oct/2019.

Kalia V, Sharma Vipin, Kumar Krishna, Awasthi Bhanu, Yadav Suman. Anthropometric Measurement of proximal femur in Indian population –A comparative study between digital radiography and dry bone measurements. Global Journal For Research Analysis.2018;7(7):110-113.

Bisht I, Kalia V, Yadav S, Goyal SK. Anthropometric analysis of Subjects of Hypertension in Sub Himalayan region. Global Journal for Research Analysis 2018. December 7(12): 2277-8160.

Bisht I. Anthropometric Analysis of subjects with Hypertension in Sub Himalayan region.Oral Presentation in NATCON66.National Conference of Anatomical Society of India,AIIMS Rishikesh.2018 13th November

Bisht I,Dhanda S,Chauhan SK,YadavR, Yadav S.Prevalence of Prediabetes in apparently healthy Population of Tehsil Kangra and adjoining areas.Int. Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health.2018 October25; 5(11):4916-20.

Bisht I, Yadav S, Singh A, Kalia V. Prevalence of Prediabetes in Hypertensives in Sub-Himalyan region.Global Journal for Research Analysis 2018 July7(7): 2277- 8160.

Bisht I, Yadav S.Right Hand Preaxial Polydactyly : A case report. Poster Presentation. North Chapter of Anatomists Society (NCAS).Government Medical College Patiala 2018 30th May

Chauhan Ankita, Yadav Suman, Anomalous High Origin of Radial artery- A case report, Conference of North Chapter of Anatomical Society, CME on Cardiothoracic Congenital Defects, 12 Oct 2019, p.41

Kumar G ,Sharma V,Congenital Unilateral Hypoplasia of depressor angulioris although a minor and rare anomaly but is associated with the major underlying defects of various systems. PARIPEX‾INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH: Volume-7 | Issue-8 | August2018.

Sharma V, Yadav S,Kalia V. Across sectional study of cephalic index of Tibetan migrant population in Himachal Pradesh. 2nd CME & Conference of North chapter on Anatomist Society .12th October 2019.( Oral Presentation)

Sharma V, Yadav S. Anomalous branch of Femoral Artery –Replacing the Descending Branch of Lateral Circumference Femoral Artery.1 st CME & Conference of North chapter on Anatomist Society .7th October 2018. (Poster presentation )

Sharma V, Yadav S, Undivided Retromendibular vein and absent external Jugular vein – A case report. PARIPEX‾INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH: Volume-7 | Issue-January 12018.

Sharma V, Yadav S, Kalia V, Dwivedi D, Kumar G, Dhiman P. Is the trend of brachycephalization more advanced in females than males: An observational study on medical students in a rural medical college of Himachal Pradesh, North West of India. J AnatSoc India 2019; 68:133-7.

Departmental Activities

Submission of students scoring less than 50% in theory.

Placento-cranial adhesion. Presnted by Dr. Daisy Dwivedi SR Anatomy.

Is the trend of brachycephalization more advanced in females than males: An observational study on medical students in a rural medical college of Himachal Pradesh, North West of India. Presented by Dr. Vandana Sharma JR Anatomy.