The Central Library is located in the middle of the hostels. It is fully air-conditioned and provide peaceful atmosphere to readers. It is one of the beautiful building of the college with provision of all the modern facilities. The separate reading rooms have been provided to the staff and student with proper furniture. The Library is spacious enough to accommodate two hundred & Seventy (270) readers with arrangement for separate rooms for Boys / Girls/ Staff.


1) Dr. K.S. Mehta : Chairman
2) Mr. Pradeep Behl: Member Secretary
4) Dr. Rajeev Goel: Member


Mr. Pradeep Behl (M.A., M.Lib. & Inf. Sc.)

Mrs Sangeeta
Mr. Kapil Dev
Mr. Ram Kishan

Mr.Gurdev Singh

Contact Email: librarymct111@gmail.com


Library offers excellent  collection of books and Journals of all subjects. Library presently possesses Eight thousand & Seven hundred Forty three(8743) reference & text books. Latest edition of reference & text books are available in the library. Library has 1396 bound back volumes  of Medical Journals. 400 hundred CD’s of medical books are available in the library.


The main objective of the library is to provide state-of-art facility in term of documents, information peaceful atmosphere that can be helpful in imparting medical education promoting research & development.


1)     The Library remains open up to 10 pm and reading room 12 pm (Midnight) in Summer     and up to 10 pm in winter season.

2)      The Library has an open access system.

3)      Book bank facility is being provided to students belonging ST category.

4)      Internet & Photostat Facilities are available in the library.

5)      Latest edition of books are issue to Departmental Library for ready reference.

6)      Current Awareness Service is being provided to readers.


E-Library is equip with 15 terminals of computer with Internet facility and having access to full text of National & International journals through ERMED Consortia .

Rules for Internet user


1    User are allowed to use Internet facility only for academic & research  purpose only .

2    User will be allowed only with valid I card.

3    Depending on the rush in e-library, time constraints may be applied by the library staff on duty.

4    All user are required to make LEGIBLE entry in the register kept in the e-library room.

5    User are not allowed to make any change in the setting of the computer.

6    Downloading of software is not allowed.

7    Laptop/e-Note book will not be allowed in Computer Lab.


Every department of this college can borrow few books for ready reference. Only those books , which have more than one copy, can be issued to the department library against the signature of the HOD of the concerned department. Single copy will not be issued. A proper record will have to be kept by the department for these books issued from central library and department will be responsible for them.


Books exhibition arranged  every year by publisher as well as book seller in the library hall. Books also purchased  for library through exhibition arranged by the successful tenderer.


  1. Entry in the Library  is allowed  to persons carrying  Identity cards of DRPGMC.
  2. The administration of Library  reserve the right to ask the user who  is not obeying the library rules in the library premises to leave the library & even cancel the membership.
  3. Books / Journals and other study material is to be carried  by the user themselves.
  4. The study material is not to be kept back in the shelves after use. It is to be left on the table ..
  5. Identity cards can be checked  by library staff any time .
  6. Reading material already borrowed by someone can be RESERVED by filling out a reserve slip.
  7. Help the librarian & library to maintain discipline .
  8. The reminder for over due books are sent or displayed on the notice board .Members are advised to be vigilant  themselves to avoid the overdue.
  9. Books issued from the central Library will be returned within  a specified  time  by the staff and student and in case of reminders/ notice  from the Librarian , the same should be complied within 24 hours .
  10. If a reader does not return the books within the specified period , a overdue charges@ 50 paisa per day will be imposed
  11. Single copy/ reference  book will not be issued to the reader.
  12. In  case a book /journal is lost by any student / staff member the price of complete set  will be charged .
  13. Furniture arranged in the library  will not be removed from one place to another.
  14. Books/Journals will not be issued/returned after 8pm.