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Department of neurosurgery was started in year ---- and is slowly growing to be an important part of the institute.  The Department comprises Faculty and Residents .Department has three faculty members (consultants) trained from reputed institutes of India viz PGIMER, Chandigarh and BHU, Varanasi.

Our department has separate neurosurgery wards with functional operation theatres ( two in numbers) with attached ICU. Neurosurgery department has separate OPD complex with divided OPD days ( TUESDAY and THURSDAY ). Patient turn-over is quite significant .On OPD basis , number is around 5000 patient per annum with almost every kind and variety of patient . Indoor patient-load is also significant nearing about 400-500 patients getting admitted in wards.

Department has been doing  various spinal and cranial procedures .We have been performing various brain surgeries successfully like surgery of brain tumors (High Grade Tumours, meningioma ), VP Shunt , Ommaya Resorvoir placement , Drainage of Chronic SDH . Besides routine brain surgeries, we also used to perform emergency surgeries also which includes Decompressive craniectomy, evacuation of EDH , Elevation of Depressed fractures etc.

Department has been performing various spinal procedures , traumatic ( spine-fractures and listhesis ) and spinal tumours too. Department of neurosurgery has been performing every kind of spine related cases in the department .In recent years, we have started MIS ( minimally invasive spine surgery ) also in the department . We are fortunate enough that department of Neurosurgery at Dr. RPGMC, Tanda was the first to start MIS ( minimally invasive spine surgery ) in Himachal Pradesh at all medical college level.



Our department will be starting  DNB /M.Ch  neurosurgery  courses in coming years. On other hand , we are committed to increase wide variety of surgeries . We will be  starting vascular surgeries  , endoscopic spine as well as cranial surgeries shortly in near future . In view of increased patient load ,we are hopeful to increase number of ICU beds.



We have separate neat and clean  neurosurgery wards( male and female wards) .  Department has separate two elective operation theatres with ICU  facilities.  In OPD Complex , we have three OPD rooms for each consultants and one minor OT. 
We have one seminar room for academic activities  attached to neurosurgery wards. From surgery point of view , most of the cranial as well as spinal surgeries are being offered to patients.

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr Mukesh Kumar

MBBS, MS, M.CH (Neurosurgery)

Assistant Professor 24-Feb-2019
2 Dr Shrish Nalin

MBBS, MS, M.CH (Neurosurgery)

Assistant Professor 31-Aug-2019

Gold medal in MCH neurosurgey 

3 Dr Amit Joshi

MBBS, MS, M.CH (Neurosurgery) ​​​​​​

Professor and Head

Medical Office

# Name Qualifications Date of Joining
1 Dr Amit Joshi

MBBS, MS, M.CH (Neurosurgery) ​​​​​​


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Department Highlights (Past 5 Years)

Publication List:

Left supraclavicular lymphadenopathy following Covid -19 Vaccination. A rare and unsolicited side effect (UARESM) ISSN:2455-6211, Volume 9, Issue 4, April 2021"- Dr. Amit Joshi, Dr.Mukesh Kumar & Dr. Shrish Nalin



Departmental Activities

OT Days- Monday and alternate Saturday of each week.

OPD Days :- Tuesday ,Thursday of each week