Department of Urology

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Department of urology was established in 2013 in the institution, however it started functioning on the regular basis from september 2019 .Department of urology forms one of the most important pillars of all the super specialities. 

It deals with diseases in relation to kidney ureter bladder, prostate and male infertility. 
Most of the procedures are minimally invasive thus providing the benefits of treating the diseases with minimal morbidities to the patient. 



Vision of the department to establish state-of-the-art urology centre in the institution. Department envisages to provide all urological interventions at our department. 

We are also committed to decrease the urology related referral to higher centre.


OPD ( every Tuesday and Thursday) and emergency services.
Open elective and emergency surgeries.

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr Angesh Thakur

Ms,mch urology

Assistant Professor Oct-2019
2 Dr Abhishek Thakur

Ms,mch urology

Assistant Professor 16-Jun-2020
3 Dr Kulbhushan Sharma

Ms,mch urology

Assistant Professor Jun-2020


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