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Excellence in patient care, research, and education is the overall goal of the Department of Orthopaedics, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Kangra (Tanda). It is a premier department in the field of Orthopedics in Himachal Pradesh in Govt. Sector. It provides state of the art treatment to a number of patients coming from adjacent districts of Himachal Pradesh. It is providing a comprehensive and integrated orthopaedic program for patients, students and residents. In addition to general Orthopaedics, the department has a faculty which is shortly to be trained in various orthopedic superspecialities like joint replacement, sports medicine, hand surgery, musculoskeletal oncology, pediatric orthopaedics, spine surgery and treatment of complex trauma. 


"To raise the bar in orthopedic care by placing greater value on patient education, offering the most advanced treatment options combined with innovative thinking and clinical expertise, and creating a practice culture built on service excellence."


"To deliver the best orthopedic experience by providing the highest standard of care, comfort, education, and service. Our commitment is to improve a patient’s condition and quality of life by utilizing the most advanced, least invasive treatment options available." We are dedicated to provide the highest quality care in an efficient and pleasant environment.

We will demonstrate our Mission, Values and Vision by adhering to the following behaviors:

Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Efficiency and Excellence in Service.

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Creativity


Our department offers following subspeciality services

  • Arthroplasty
  • Spine Surgery
  • Ilizarov Fixation
  • Orthopedic oncology
  • Trauma

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Prof Vipin Sharma

DNB Orth, D Orth, MNAMS

Professor and Head 12-4-2005
  1. Ranawat Fellowship in Arthroplasty at Hospital for Special Surgery,New York,US
  2. Fellowship in Orthopedic Oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital,Mumbai
  3. Bharat Jyoti Award
2 Dr Lokesh Thakur

MS Orth

Professor 06-02-2010
3 Dr Rajiv Kapila

MS Orth

Professor 05-03-2014
4 Dr Vipan Kumar

MS Orth

Associate Professor 22-07-2016
5 Dr Aakash Parashar

MS Orth

Assistant Professor 09-09-2020
6 Dr Jasbir Singh

MS Orth

Assistant Professor 16-06-2021
7 Dr Amit Verma

MS Ortho

Assistant Professor (Desgn) 04-01-2022

Senior Residents

# Name Qualification Date of Joining
1 Dr. Rahul Bhardwaj

MS Orth

2 Dr. Devender Thakur

MS Orth

3 Dr. Sidhant Rana

MS Orth

4 Dr. Nariender Singh

MS Orth

5 Dr. Shashi Kant Sharma

MS Orth

6 Dr. Gurnik Singh

MS Orth

7 Dr. Varun Sachdeva

MS Orth

8 Dr. Virender Singh

MS Orth


Junior Residents

# Name Date of Joining
1 Dr. Anil Charak 09-03-2022
2 Dr. Abhishek Sharma 10-03-2022
3 Dr. Rishabh Gupta 10-03-2022
4 Dr. Satish Kumar 10-03-2022
5 Dr. Vaibhav Kumar 10-03-2022
6 Dr. Vikramaditya Rai 06-06-2022
7 Dr. Kunal Goel 01-11-2022
8 Dr. Rahul Goyal 01-11-2022
9 Dr. Ajay Sehrawat 04-11-2022
10 Dr. Kautilya 05-11-2022
11 Dr. Gurdyal Singh 06-11-2022
12 Dr. Akhil Sathyan 03-12-2022

Teaching Roster

Emergency duty roster



# Name Number of labs

Competency based under graduate curriculum

Department Highlights (Past 5 Years)


Dr Vipin Sharma, Prof and Head, Department of Orthopaedics Fellowship in Orthopedic Oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, Year 2012

Dr Vipin Sharma, Prof and Head, Department of Orthopaedics Fellowship in Adult Joint Reconstruction, awarded by Ranawat Orthopedics , Hospital for Special Surgery, NY,US, Year 2018

Dr Vipin Sharma, Prof and Head, Department of Orthopaedics Bharat Jyoti Award for significant contribution in field of meritorious services, outstanding performance and remarkable role in the field of Orthopedic surgery, Year 2013

Publication List:

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Dua S, Thakur L, Singh SK, Kumar D, Awasthi B. Determining the association between socio-demographic profile and difficulties encountered during fixation of trochanteric fractures with proximal femoral nailing operated in the department of orthopaedics at Dr RPGMC Kangra at Tanda. Int J Res Orthop 2021;7(2).

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Departmental Activities

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