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The development of Microbiology as a scientific discipline dates from Louis Pasteur (1822-95). A number of scientists from this field have been awarded Nobel Prize, which is evidence of the positive contribution made to human health by the science of Microbiology. Medical Microbiology is that section of Medicine which deals with the study of microorganisms and their role in human health and diseases 
The second government Medical College (Dr. RPGMC, Kangra at Tanda) of the state was established to cater to the needs of people of the district Kangra and other surrounding districts. The department of Microbiology was setup in November, 1997.Department of Microbiology is located in the left wing of 2nd floor of Dr. B.C. Roy, Para clinical Block.



  1. To provide state-of-the-art diagnostic Microbiology services for the diagnosis of various infectious diseases 
  2. To achieve excellence in medical education and research activities .       
  3. To provide service effectively as measured by cost and turn around time.
  4. To do innovative research appropriate to the local needs.
  5. To provide round the clock emergency services pertaining to DRPGMC&H Kangra at Tanda and to adjoining health institutes.
  6. To incorporate new curriculum for UG/PG as per MCI guidelines which includes newer concepts in teaching like micro teaching , E teaching and development of skill labs.
  7. To upgrade clinical lab services by getting accreditation of labs by NABL and setting up at least one BSL –III level laboratory.
  8. To integrate laboratories to OPD/IPD/remote areas by use of telecommunication facilities.
  9. To be able to meet the requirement of additional manpower keeping in view expanding workload of laboratory staff and faculty.
  10. To facilitate research development by optimum use of central research facilities along with collaboration with other research centres.
  11. To encourage faculty members and ministerial staff for research projects.


Our  Mission  is  to  develop  compassionate and ethically  sound  health  professionals  and to provide service of the highest order across the health care continuum, through 

  1. Innovations in education that yield lifelong learners and leaders in health care.
  2. Original research in basic sciences and patient oriented discoveries.
  3. Encouraging creative young minds to reach their fullest potential.
  4. Clinical transformation across the  organization  that  is  patient  centred,  safe, effective, accountable and transparent.
  5. Emphasis on quality and value in all endeavours.

Core Values:

  1. To  uphold truth, integrity, honesty, tolerance, and accountability as our guiding principles.
  2. To promote creative, innovative and inventive research in Medical Microbiology for the benefit of all.
  3. To develop meritocracy and teamwork in research and practice.
  4. To nurture responsible professionalism through a culture of mentorship.
  5. To practice good management of resources in training and research.  
  6. To work together  as a team to promote interdisciplinary networking.  


  1. Media Lab: Preparation of various culture media , sterilization of various articles and quality control
  2. BACTERIOLOGY: Culture, identification and sensitivity of isolates obtained from various clinical   samples and AMR pattern analysis and reporting. 
  3. WATER BACTERIOLOGY:  Bacteriological examination of water samples.
  4. AIR BACTERIOLOGY: Air surveillance for quality of air in OT, ICU ,Burn Unit, Labour room and Wards
  5. MYCOBACTERIOLOGY:AFB staining and culture of various specimens
  6. CDST: CBNAAT for various clinical samples, routine culture and ZN staining
  7. MYCOLOGY: Wet mount, staining and fungal culture of various specimens
  8. SEROLOGY: HBsAg, Widal , Rheumatoid Factor test, Weil felix , Antistreptolysin O, C Reactive Protein, Venereal disease research laboratory /Rapid Plasma Reagin , Hepatitis C Virus .
  9. ICTC LAB: Counselling & HIV testing
  10. VRDL: PCR for: Influenza A(H1N1) Pdm 2009,Influenza A(H3N2), Influenza B(Victoria, Yamagata),HCV(Viral load Under NVHCP) IgM Elisa for: Scrub Typhus, Hepatitis A Virus, Hepatitis E Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, Leptospira, Chikungunya, Herpes Simplex Virus -I and II ,Cytomegalo virus ,Measles, Mumps ,Rubella, West nile, Parvo B19, Human Papilloma Virus  Varicella Zoster Virus ,Anti Hepatitis B Core antigen ,Dengue Ag Elisa for: Hepatitis B surface Ag,  Astro stool , Rota Stool, Noro stool , Adeno stool, NS-1 Ag(dengue)
  11. PARASITOLOGY: Examination of stool for protozoa and helminthes &  peripheral smears for various  blood parasites.
  12. HOSPITAL INFECTION CONTROL: Disinfectant testing and environmental surveillance 
  13. Research Lab: Research Microscope for identification of microorganism using various modes of microscopy.(Bright field, Dark field, Fluorescent, Phase contrast)
  14. STAINING TECHNIQUES: Gram  staining, Z.N. staining, Albert staining, Giemsa staining, Spore staining,India Ink staining
  15. EMERGENCY SERVICES: Clinical consultation on hospital infection control programmes, Water Sample testing , H1N1 testing, Outbreak investigation and lab investigations for other emergencies in various sections of Microbiology.
  16. Training on laboratory techniques for various categories.
  17. Investigation of epidemics.

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. Subhash Chand Jaryal


Professor and Head 14-08-2000

Best ICTC of the state for the year 2019 

2 Dr. Anuradha Sood


Associate Professor 04-09-2009
3 Dr.(Mrs) Savita Mahajan

MSc Zoology, MSc Clinical Microbiology(DEP), PhD

Assistant Professor 24-11-1997
4 Mrs. Madhu Chauhan

MSc Microbiology

Assistant Professor 24-11-1997
5 Dr. Isampreet Kaur


Assistant Professor 26-08-2019

Senior Residents

# Name Qualification Date of Joining
1 Dr. Anuradha Chaudhary


2 Dr. Ravi Brar


3 Dr. Gurpreet Banga



Junior Residents

# Name Date of Joining
1 Dr. Minu Bali 27-May-2017
2 Dr. Meenakshi Tamrakar 01-May-2018
3 Dr. Aditya Rana 01-May-2018
4 Dr. Veetheeanveshna Gupta 17-May-2018
5 Dr. Anjali Sharma 01-May-2019


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Teaching Roster

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PG Microbiology


B.Sc. MLT - Three Batches


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Competency based under graduate curriculum

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