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One can say Pathology department is the back bone of any medical institute because final diagnosis are being given by the department of Pathology which gives the direction for proper line of treatment to the treating Physician / Surgeon through following investigations:

i). Histopathology: Malignancy or Benign

ii). Cytology: Screening for malignancy (FNAC, Fluid Cytology, Pap smear, imprint smears,brushing)

iii). Hematology: To rule out any: Blood cancer, Anemia or its typing, coagulation disorders or any other blood disorders.



Dr. B.C. Roy,Para-clinical block, First floor (Half Wing) and second floor (Half Wing).



28th Dec, 1998 The Department of Pathology was started in a single room of Anatomy department with single faculty member Dr. (Mrs.) Bhanu Iyengar designated as Prof. & Head on contract basis.
13th April, 1999 About 3 ½ months later first Sr. Lab. Technician Sh. Sarbjeet Kumar (Ex-Navy) was posted to the department. He managed to prepare all the requirements for the department like chemicals, instruments & equipments.
10th June, 1999

The first biopsy for Histopathology examination and cytology (FNAC) were conducted and up to 31st Dec, 1999 the following investigations were carried out:

  • Histopathology: 164
  • Cytology (FNAC): 23
December, 1999

Museum with 85 specimen were established (from Delhi & own hospital).

  • 30 sets of undergraduate teaching slide were prepared.
  • Shifted to old paraclinical block and set up the department in 12 small rooms and remain there for one year. Thereafter again shifted to the present paraclinical block since then department is progressing day by day.



To be recognized for excellence in patient care, research and education. The department of Pathology aims to reflect the success and high standards of DrRPGMC, Kangra as a whole by proving to be as a leading source for excellence in diagnosis and laboratory evaluation, based on a foundation of research and education. 



  • To provide effective support for the inpatient and outpatient clinical services.
  • To support and lead programmatic research at DrRPGMC, Kangra in collaboration with different departments.
  • To provide a reliable core laboratory support for research at Dr. RPGMC, Kangra at Tanda
  • Provide highest quality education, training and research experience for undergraduate and post graduate students, residents and faculty.


1.    Histopathology: large specimens and biopsies for diagnosis. 
2.    Cytopathology: FNAC, EXFOLIATIVE CYTOLOGY (Gynae cytology (pap smears) & non- Gynae Cytology (various body fluid examination and buccal smear for Barr body), imprint smears and brushings, cell block preparation.
3.    Haematology and Clinical Pathology: Blood peripheral smear examination, leukemia diagnosis and typing, bone marrow examination, CSF examination, semen examination. 
Coagulation Screening- INR, PT, APTT. 
Cytogenetics for Philadelphia chromosome.
4.    Research Laboratory:  Histochemistry & Cytochemistry e.g., Mucicarmine, Congo Red, Trichome stains, Pearl`s stain , reticulin , Giemsa staining, Z.N. staining and Lepra bacilli stain, Peroidicacid-shiff’s stain, Myloperoxidase, Sudan black B, Neutrophil alkaline phosphate stain. 
5.    Frozen Section for Quick Diagnosis.
6.    Autopsies: Foetal autopsies 
7.    Histopathology of Medicolegal cases 
8.    Central Clinical Path. Lab (Hospital Wing): Sample collection for various tests in all departments, urine examination, complete blood count and ESR.
9.     Proposal for Immunohistochemistry- Immunohistochemistry  and cytochemistry will be started very soon.



Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. Rashmi Kaul Raina

MBBS, MD Pathology

Professor and Head 21.01.2011
2 Dr. Bal Chander

MBBS, MD Pathology

Professor 07.02.2011
3 Dr. Suman Singh

MBBS, MD Pathology

Associate Professor 19.11.2013
4 Dr. Aruna Gupta

MBBS, MD Pathology

Associate Professor (Desgn) 01.02.2016
5 Dr. Saurabh Sharma

MBBS, MD Pathology

Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Swati Aggarwal

MBBS, MD Pathology

Assistant Professor 24.06.2016
7 Dr. Monish Tomar


Assistant Professor (Desgn)

Senior Residents

# Name Qualification Date of Joining
1 Dr.Manish Sharma


2 Dr. Anantika Thakur


3 Dr. Priyanka


4 Dr. Sarita Soni 11-Jun-2021
5 Dr. Garima
6 Dr. Jyoti
7 Dr. Aditya

Junior Residents

# Name Date of Joining
1 Dr. Vivek Sharma 14-Aug-2020
2 Dr. Nandita 09-Mar-2022
3 Dr. Mansi Verma 22-Oct-2022
4 Dr. Bhindya 09-Nov-2022


Emergency duty roster


B.Sc. MLT: Three Batches 

MD course: Three Batches


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