Department of Medicine

  • Introduction of Department
  • Vision
  • Facilities of Department
  • Faculty Members
  • Faculty Residents
  • Courses
  • Labs


Department of Medicine consist of 120 teaching beds and 12 ICCU beds. Each ward has the nursing station, Procedure Room, Seminar Room. The 12 bedded ICCU consists of beds with monitors and has facility of defibrillation and mechanical ventilation. Diagnostic facilities like endoscopy, UGI as well as LGI endoscopy, Echocardiography, TMT, Dialysis, EEG, ECG are also available.

The Faculty and Residents take care of Undergraduate teachings which consist of Theory lectures, Seminars and bed side teaching.  There is a periodic post graduate teaching as per curriculum. There is a periodic undergraduate and post graduate assessment.

The faculty and residents take an active part in attending training programs, ME’S and conferences. They have represented at the state and national levels

Apart from this patient care on OPD basis and Indoor basis is taken care. The patients are also looked after by a team of doctors in emergency hours.

The faculty also take active part in publishing articles, case reports in indexed national and international journals.

The faculty is encouraged to present new and innovative ideas.


Vision of the Department consists of following aspects:-

(1)-    To provide safe reliable and quality services to the indoor and outdoor patients.
(2)-    To build strong and affective UG and PG curriculum and training.
(3)-    To impart the Faculty Members and other staff of Department of Medicine adequate training about latest development in the field of Medicine.
(4)-    To organize CME’s for updating the faculty members about the present knowledge.
(5)-    To encourage staff to attend the National level conferences so as to nitrate with the faculties of other institutions.


1.    OPD
2.    Indoor Patient Care.
3.    Echocardiography
4.    TMT
5.    Endoscopy & colonoscopy services
6.    ICU services.
7.    Dialysis Services.

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. Dhiraj Kapoor


Professor and Head 10-Nov-1997
2 Dr. Kailash Nath Sharma


Professor 20-Nov-2008
3 Dr. Varan Deep Dogra


Professor 20-Nov-2008
4 Dr. Sujeet Raina


Associate Professor 21-Jan-2011
5 Dr. Vivek Sood


Assistant Professor 30-Jan-2017
6 Dr. Manju Bansal


Assistant Professor 23-July-2020
7 Dr. Bikram Shah


Assistant Professor 20-Apr-2020

Senior Residents

# Name Qualification Date of Joining
1 Dr. Anu Yarky


2 Dr. Sarath


3 Dr. Suneel Chauhan


4 Dr. Manoj Kumar


5 Dr. Swati Mahajan


6 Dr. Uday Mahajan



Junior Residents

# Name Date of Joining
1 Dr. Monika 09-May-2017
2 Dr. Ritka 01-May-2018
3 Dr. Harita Meghabath Bai 01-May-2018
4 Dr. Bibin George 01-May-2018
5 Dr. Krishna Bharath 01-May-2018
6 Dr. Shubham Sharma 11-May-2018
7 Dr. Rohit Thakur 03-May-2018
8 Dr. Neha Verma 14-May-2018
9 Dr. Haseeb 01-May-2019
10 Dr. Priyanka P 01-May-2019
11 Dr. Loverdeep Singh 01-May-2019
12 Dr. Rajat Gupta 01-May-2019
13 Dr. Nidhi Chauhan 06-May-2019
14 Dr. Roha Shad 09-May-2019
15 Dr. Priyesh 01-May-2019
16 Dr Mohamad Shadil 09-July-2020
17 Dr Anoop Garg 14-July-2020
18 Dr Kavita Thakur 30-July-2020
19 Dr Subhash 31-July-2020
20 Dr Meenu Sharma 04-Aug-2020
21 Dr Manish 31-Aug-2020


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Teaching Roster

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MBBS undergraduate course.
Total Nos. of seats. 50.
Postgraduate Course in Medicine leading to M.D
Total Nos. of seats. = 2.


# Name Number of labs
1 TMT 1
2 Endoscopy/Colonoscopy 1
3 Echocardiography 1
4 ABG 1


Competency based under graduate curriculum

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Department Highlights (Past 5 Years)

Departmental Activities