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The department of Surgery was started in November 1997 in Dr RPGMC Hospital Dharamshala by two faculty members. Subsequently faculty was increased as per MCI norms and presently department has faculty of twelve members. Department of Surgery remained functional at Dharamshala till the time it was shifted to Tanda in December 2007. All the faculty members, senior residents and other staff members have played an important role in establishing the department of Surgery.

Department of surgery is housed mainly in the third floor of hospital building. Faculty complex, 120 bedded indoor wards and major operation theatres are located in third floor of hospital building. Department has 8 bedded separate burn ward in casualty block. The OPD complex including minor operation theatre, endoscopy room, proctology room and dressing rooms are located in the first floor of OPD block.

The department is providing regular services in the field of general surgery, pancreatico-billiary surgery, cancer surgery, thyroid surgery, breast surgery and laparoscopic surgery. As there is no Urology Department in this institution hence Department of Surgery is also catering to the urological patients. The department runs the OPD on all working days from 9.30 AM to 4 PM. The department provides emergency care for traumatic & non traumatic surgical emergencies round the clock. The department is dedicated in the teachings of MBBS students and postgraduate students.

Postgraduate Course
Postgraduate course in surgery was started in the year 2007 in the form of DNB Surgery. Subsequently regular MS Surgery course was started in the year 2011 with the intake of 2 postgraduates. Subsequently in the year 2012 the PG seats has been increased to five. Department has formulated well structured comprehensive curriculum & syllabus for postgraduate teachings (Annexure I ). PG teachings is done in the form of didactic lectures, case presentations, journal club, seminar presentation, CPC meets, grand rounds, monthly departmental  meetings to discuss the interesting cases, monthly statistics & mortality.

Undergraduate Course
Undergraduate teaching is performed in the form of didactic lectures, bed side clinical case discussions, seminar presentations and major & minor operation theatre exposure. The department has formulated comprehensive structured curriculum & syllabus for MBBS as in Annexure II.



1. To provide highest quality and most compassionate clinical care to our patients. 
2. To provide best training to post graduate & senior residents and MBBS students with the aim to generate future leaders in general surgery. 

Core Values 

The department is committed to: 
1. Serve with integrity & honesty 
2. Serve with compassion 
3. Work at highest level of performance with a commitment to learn new for continuous improvement.  

Our Vision 

The department of surgery of Dr Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College Tanda was started in the year 1998 in Zonal Hospital Dharamshala with a faculty of two members as one unit. Within next three years the department expanded to three units. We started the PG course as DNB Surgery in the 2007 and subsequently regular PG course was started in 2011 with the intake of two postgraduates which was increased to 5 seats in the year 2012. Presently department is working in four units with a faculty of ten members.  

Our future vision is as under: 
1. Expansion of department to six units for which we need faculty of 18 members and 180 beds. 
2. Department envisions advanced surgeries which requires availability of high end equipment like advanced laparoscopic equipment, harmonic/ vessel sealing system, operative ultrasound and equipment for sentinel lymph node biopsy.  
3. Efforts to get trained staff for the handling and maintenance of these advanced high end equipments. 
4. To provide highest quality clinical care, the department requires dedicated laparoscopic operation theatres along with modular operation theatres. 
5. To provide our services to maximum patients, the department requires an increase in daily number of operation tables. 
6. Department does not have surgical intensive care unit. Efforts to establish SICU. 
7. Training of faculty for skill development, administration and research at the time of joining and periodical trainings in the surgical advancements 
8. Continuous learning by organising/attending CMEs, workshops and conferences. 
9. Developing an aptitude and an environment that is conducive for research at the UG, PG and faculty levels. 



The Surgery OPD(5) is located in the 1st floor of the OPD block.

The OPD services start from 9:30 am – 4 pm.


UNIT 1(Monday and 1st,3rd & 5thFriday) Professor and head – Dr Ramesh Bharti Associate Professor- Dr Amar Verma Senior Resident- Dr Ankit Shukla
UNIT 2(Tuesday and 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturday) Professor – Dr Sanjeev Sharma Associate Professor – Dr R K Abrol Assistant Professor – Dr Som Raj Mahajan Senior Resident – Dr Amit Ratan
UNIT 3(Wednesday and 2nd & 4th Friday) Professor – Dr Atul Mahajan Assistant Professor – Dr Satish Kumar Senior Resident – Dr Anupam Nanda


We provide minor ot facilities in the OPD. This consist of two tables where various daycare surgeries are being done.


We have been provided with a endoscopy were presently Upper GI endoscopy is being performed.


All the wound dressings and the debridement are being done here.

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. Ramesh Bharti


Professor and Head 28-Oct-2005
2 Dr. Sanjeev Sharma


Professor 17-Jun-2009
3 Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma


Professor 10-May-1995
4 Dr. R. K. Abrol


Professor 20-Jan-2007
5 Dr. Amar Verma


Associate Professor 04-Aug-2009
6 Dr. Rakesh Chauhan


Associate Professor 03-Jan-2012
7 Dr. Satish Kumar


Associate Professor 03-Jan-2012
8 Dr. Niraj Gupta


Assistant Professor 30-Oct-2015
9 Dr. Som Raj Mahajan


Assistant Professor 15-Dec-2011
10 Dr. Rajesh Sharma


Assistant Professor 20-Jul-2015
11 Dr.Angesh Thakur


Assistant Professor 02-Sep-2019
12 Dr.Kamaljeet Jaswal

McH, Plastic surgery

Assistant Professor 21-Mar-2020
13 Dr.Navneet Sharma

McH, Plastic surgery

Assistant Professor 07-Aug-2009

Senior Residents

# Name Qualification Date of Joining
1 Dr. Umesh Dhiman


2 Dr. Vikas Gupta


3 Dr. Prateek Sood


4 Dr. Vishal Kaundal


5 Dr. Mahender Rana


6 Dr. Vikrant Sharma


7 Dr. Abhinav Choudhary



Junior Residents

# Name Date of Joining
1 Dr. Vivek Sharma 18-May-2017
2 Dr. Kamal Dutta 26-May-2017
3 Dr. Jeevan Kumar 01-Jun-2017
4 Dr. Ashish Dhiman 26-May-2017
5 Dr. Prteet Negi 27-May-2017
6 Dr. Mukesh Jamwal 02-Jun-2017
7 Dr. Suneet Katoch 03-Jun-2017
8 Dr. Gunjan Modgil 01-May-2018
9 Dr. Parveen Kumar 04-May-2018
10 Dr. Gaurav R Kumar 01-May-2018
11 Dr. Priya Chakraborty 19-May-2018
12 Dr. Arpit Goel 04-May-2018
13 Dr. Shashi Kant Pathania 14-May-2018
14 Dr. Srijan Pandey 19-May-2018
15 Dr. Mukul 03-May-2019
16 Dr. Shreyas Gowda 01-May-2019
17 Dr. Mast Ram 03-May-2019
18 Dr. Deepak Thakur 01-May-2019
19 Dr. Sahil Mahajan 03-May-2019
20 Dr. Savya Sachi 04-May-2019
21 Dr. Manisha 01-May-2019

Teaching Roster

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# Name Number of labs

Competency based under graduate curriculum

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Department Highlights (Past 5 Years)

Publication List:

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Departmental Activities