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Department of Radio-Diagnosis is functioning since the inception of college, in the earlier years the department used to function in the Zonal Hospital, Dharmshala, with the scarcity of the space and infrastructure, still computed tomography and sonography facilities were available. The hospital shifted to the campus build in Tanda in 2007-08 and began providing routine as well as emergency radiology services i.e. USG, color Doppler, CT, MRI, interventional image guided procedure, X-rays and fluoroscopic are being provided to the public. The department is situated in the ground floor of treatment block of the hospital. Almost all the present day imaging modalities are available in the department. We have been doing almost all image guided interventional radiological procedures in the department. We started with the DNB Radio-Diagnosis course in 2002 with two students which gradually increased to six students being admitted at present in addition we are running MD Radio-Diagnosis (recognized) admitting five student per year. We are also running B.Sc. radiology courses in the department admitting 10 students per year. We are also training the MBBS student in the radiology as per latest MCI teaching module giving them requisite exposure in USG, CT and MRI.

We have been carrying out research work in the department and publishing the research work in the journals of national and international repute. We are exposing the faculty and residents to the various CMEs throughout country and also been organizing conferences and training programmers in the institute itself. We are growing leap and bound as a department and trying our best to keep pace with the ever growing field of radiology. All this is possible due to continuous and sustained efforts of previous Heads of the Department; Dr. NK Kaushik, Dr. DS Dhiman, Dr. SL Sharma, Dr, Asha Negi and Dr. RG Sood.



Vision of the Department of Radiology, Dr RPGMC Tanda is to be one of the best Departments in the country in providing timely, cost-efficient, and high quality Medical Imaging and Image-guided therapy services for a diverse Patient population. Our Department will also play a major and vital role in the education of Patients, Trainees, Healthcare providers, Healthcare Administrators conveying the important and critical function that Medical Imaging and Image-guided therapy serves in improving the outcomes and advancing the care of Patients.  In addition, our Department will continue to make significant contributions to the discovery of innovative Imaging technologies and Image-guided therapy that make a difference for the enhancement of Healthcare delivery.  Our Department will learn from, build on and respect the past, be active and aggressive in improving the present, but look to the future, and rather than asking “why," we will ask “why not."



The Mission of the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging at Dr RPGMC Kangra at Tanda is to provide compassionate, caring, and high quality Medical Imaging and Image-guided therapy services to improve the quality of life for our Patients and their families. Our leadership role in the scientific advancement of Medical Imaging and Image-Guided therapy services in a cost-efficient, less invasive and safe manner, while educating our referring Physicians, Physicians-in-training, medical students, allied health professionals remains critical to our Mission.  Our Research and Scholarly activities will continue to generate innovative solutions and new knowledge that makes a difference for Patient care and the future of Healthcare.

Strategic Goals

Immediate goals is recognition of MD degree recognised by the MCI
   For this equipment requirement is:
    1. Biplane DSA System.
    2. One Fluoro digital System.
    3. Two digital mobile X-ray Machines
Patient Care

•         To be recognized as offering the highest quality subspecialty Medical Imaging services and best value in our region and nationally, comparable to or better than any well-respected Medical Imaging Healthcare organization
•         To add significant value to Patient care and the overall Healthcare system and to effectively manage imaging resources
•         To provide Patients the best possible clinical care, using Medical Imaging technology and Image-guided therapy, in a caring, safe, high quality, cost-efficient, and timely manner
    To provide organ-based, sub-specialized, and world-class consultations for Medical Imaging and Image-guided therapy services for Patients, referring Physicians, the Healthcare providers
•         To provide Patients and referring Physicians access to our services via traditional on-site referrals, over-reading of films obtained at outside facilities, and tele-radiology 
•         To educate Patients, referring Physicians, Hospital Administrators  and improve their understanding of both the hazards and benefits of Medical Imaging and Image-guided therapy
•         To communicate with Patients, referring Physicians other Healthcare providers  the best and most cost-effective Medical Imaging and Image-guided therapy for Patient specific questions being addressed
•         To provide the data and protocols to optimize the implementation and use of new technology
•         To develop and meet metrics for timely Patient access to Medical Imaging and Image-guided therapy
•         To establish an infrastructure to support efforts for continuous quality improvement and patient care quality and safety initiatives by identifying and validating quantitative measures for objective outcomes assessment and comparisons to best practice models
•         To lead and serve on Departmental, Institutional, Community, National, and International Medical organizations on clinical initiatives
•         To be Locally, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally recognized as an outstanding clinical Department
•         To create an infrastructure to support effective and efficient clinical activities
•         To develop and implement focused outcomes measures for clinical activities and initiatives
•         To establish a forum for frequent and effective Divisional and intra-Departmental communications around clinical activities and initiatives



•         To educate medical students, residents, fellows, instructors, researchers, faculty and allied health professionals in the field of Imaging and Image-guided therapeutic services by employing opportunities provided in the clinical care arena, multidisciplinary teaching and case review conferences, didactic lectures, informal sessions, and research seminars so trainees and Healthcare professionals can develop a broad foundation of knowledge upon which to base their future careers
•         To lead and serve on Departmental, Institutional, Community, National, and International Medical organizations educational initiatives
•         To be Locally, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally recognized as an outstanding teaching Department
•         To be available and provide the necessary educational information to Hospital Administrators
•         To develop and implement outcomes measures for educational efforts
•         To create an infrastructure to support effective and efficient educational activities
•         To establish a forum for frequent and effective Divisional and intra-Departmental communications around educational initiatives
•         To develop and support efforts to promote Faculty development and mentoring
•         To develop and implement educational curricula with focused and objective outcomes measures



•         To discover new medical knowledge and synthesize and refine existing medical knowledge to improve the clinical practice of Imaging and Image-guided therapy for the Healthcare system
•         To support the advancement of the Imaging sciences and Image-guided, minimally invasive therapy and technologies through basic and clinical research in an effort to minimize Patient morbidity and costs, improve the quality of Patient care, and enhance the quality of life for our Patients
•         To lead and serve on Departmental, Institutional, Community, National, and International Medical organizations on research initiatives
•         To be Locally, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally recognized as an outstanding Department for Imaging research and scholarly activity
•         To be available to and participate with Funding organizations and Legislators involved with providing support for research activities
•         To create an infrastructure to support effective and efficient  research and scholarly activities;
•         To develop and implement outcomes measures for research and scholarly initiatives
•         To establish a forum for frequent and effective Divisional and intra-Departmental communications around research and scholarly initiatives.


The Department is one of the best equipped department in the institute. Following images modalities are available:

•    X-Ray
•    Image Intensifier
•    Ultrasongraphy
•    Color Doppler
•    Mammography
•    128 Slice CT
•    1.5 Tesla MRI
•    DSA Installed under department of Radio-Diagnosis installed in Department of Cardiology.

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. Narvir Singh Chauhan Professor and Head 01-05- 2008
2 Dr.Dinesh Sood Professor
3 Dr.Preeti Takkar Kapila Assistant Professor 06-02- 2021
4 Dr Nishant Nayar Assistant Professor 02-11- 2018

Medical Office

# Name Qualifications Date of Joining
1 Dr Nishant Nayar 02-11- 2018

Senior Residents

# Name Qualification Date of Joining
1 Dr.Vijay 10-09-2020
2 Dr.Pradeep 27-12-2020
3 Dr.Ankur 30-12-2020
4 Dr.Akshay 16-03-2022
5 Dr.Ashish 23-03-2022
6 Dr.Shikha 22-03-2022

Junior Residents

# Name Date of Joining
1 Dr.Ankita 09-07-2020
2 Dr.Pankaj 25-07-2020
3 Dr.Shalini 30-07-2020
4 Dr.Archita 30-07-2020
5 Dr.Arpit 19-08-2020
6 Dr.Pooja Kumari 10-03-2022
7 Dr.Gowripattapu Sirisha 10-03-2022
8 Dr.Ankush Kumar 10-03-2022
9 Dr.Rishav Dhiman 05-11-2022
10 Dr.Ameesh Thakur 05-11-2022
11 Dr.Gajulapalli Hima Bindu 08-11-2022


Teaching Roster

Emergency duty roster


  1. MBBS
  2. MD (Radiodiganosis)
  3. B.Sc. (Radio Diaganosis & Imaaging)


# Name Number of labs


Competency based under graduate curriculum

Department Highlights (Past 5 Years)

Publication List:

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