Department of Pulmonary Medicine

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  • Vision
  • Facilities of Department
  • Faculty Members
  • Syllabus details
  • Departmental Activities


The Chest & TB unit was first started in November 1997 with the recruitment of one faculty member as lecturer within the department of General Medicine. Later on department expanded with two faculty members and one registrar.

It was the year 2004 when independent Chest & TB department established after the joining of faculty member as Professor on 16 November 2004. The department of Chest & TB at that time was a small unit with 16 INDOOR beds and functional respiratory lab having spirometer only.

But it was the year 2005 when vide order No. HFW-H (DRPGMC) 7/97-4357-59 Dated 21 May 2005 from the office of the Principal, Dr.R.P.Medical college, Tanda, directed the Head of Department Chest & TB to take over charge of the Rai Bahadur Jodha Mal TB Sanatorium and start functioning as full fledged Department of Pulmonary Medicine.

Since then department of Pulmonary Medicine is working in that building of Rai Bahadur Jodha Mal TB Sanatorium with 40 teaching beds. In the year 2007 diagnostic Fiber Optic Bronchoscopy was started. In the same year Respiratory Lab equipped with latest Spirometer and Arterial Blood Gas analyzer.

  • Dr. Rekha Bansal 2007 to till Date
  • Dr. D.S. Dadhwal 2009 to till Date
  • Dr. Rana J.S. 1997 to 2008
  • Dr. Malay Sarkar 2000 to 2005
  • Dr. K.S. Bhatia 2004 to 2010
  • Dr. D.S. Dadhwal 2003 to 2006

The Department of Pulmonary Medicine is functioning in the building of Rai Bahadur Jodha Mal TB Sanatorium. This building is located near the Emergency department of Deen Dayal Upadhayay Hospital of Dr. R.P.G. Medical College Kangra at Tanda.


Upgradation of Respiratory Lab to have:

  • Airborne Infection Isolation Facilities. 
  • Spirometery 
  • Lung Diffusion Study
  • Lung Volume Study
  • CPET

Bronchoscopy Suit up gradation to have

  • Airborne Infection Isolation facilities 
  • Video Bronchoscope
  • Portable Intubation bronchoscope
  • Rigid bronchoscope 
  • Thoracoscopy Semi rigid
  • Thoracoscopy Rigid 
  • Portable USG  for intervention.


  • To establish separate ward for Non-infectious Pulmonary patients.
  • To establish separate Respiratory Intensive Care Unit (RICU) for better management of critically ill pulmonary patients.
  • To establish DOTS Plus ward with 20 beds having Airborne Infection Isolation facilities.


1.    Indoor Block.
               Pul. Medicine – 1(NCD Ward)
               Pul. Medicine – 2 (CD Ward)
•    PMDT Ward
•    Pulmonary TB Ward

2.    OPD Block 
    Registration
    OPD Rooms
    Department office
    HOD office 
    Respiratory Lab
    Bronchoscopy  Room
    Seminar Hall. 

3.    DOTS Center
    DMC Lab
    MO PMDT
    ATT Dispensary.



 OPD -  3 Days/per Week 
•    Monday
•    Wednesday
•    Friday

      -            INDOOR - 40       Beds
      -            Bronchoscopy  (Tuesday &  Thursday) 
    EBBX
    TBLBX
    TBNA
    BAL
    FB removal
-         Spirometery
-         ABG analysis
-         Non Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilators
-         Intercostals Drainage Facilities
-         Pleural Biopsy
-         Lung Biopsy
-         Pleurodesis
-         Pleural Aspiration

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. D.S. Dadhwal


Professor and Head


Teaching Roster

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# Name Number of labs

Competency based under graduate curriculum

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Department Highlights (Past 5 Years)

Departmental Activities

World COPD Day - 18 November

World Asthma Day - 04 May

Anti-Smoking Day - 31 May

World TB Day - 24 March