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The Department of Hospital Administration at DRPGMC,Tanda was created by the Government of Himachal Pradesh in the year 2017 vide notification HFW-B(B)1-1/2016.The main objectives of the department are as follow:

  • To organise and coordinate day to day administrative activities in hospital to impart and deliver effective healthcare services.
  • To implement the technology driven health systems to smoothen the processes.
  • To train/capacity building of the healthcare work  force for effective delivery of services.
  • To ensure legal and  promote ethical practices in the institutions.
  • To coordinate and  facilitate in  the quality assurance programmes in tertiary care hospitals and  act as nodal centre for these activities for  other hospitals of the state.
  • To conduct operational research in various  areas of health and healthcare administration for effective management decision making.
  • To advocate and advise regarding current trends in hospital planning and management


WE “SAVE”  (System ,administer, values and economy)
CARE (Compassion, affection, respect and empathy)


Creating a System which Administer through Values and Economy, to ensure
Compassionate, Affectionate, Respectful and Empathetic Care”


  • Research lab
  • Small library

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. Vikrant Kanwar
  1. MBBS
  2. PGDHA
  3. MHA(PGI ,Chandigarh)
Assistant Professor and Head 05.03.19(designated) 19.10.19(Regular)

Won  Skoch –Order of Merit Award for effective Implementation of Ayushman Bharat in 2019


Teaching Roster

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Competency based under graduate curriculum

Department Highlights (Past 5 Years)


Dr. Vikrant Kanwar Assistant Professor & Head of Hospital Administration Dept. won “Skoch order of Merit Award 2019” for his project on successful implementation of “PMJAY-Ayushman Bharat” scheme at Institute level

Research Work:

Associate Editor of Subhimalayan journal of health research

Coinvestigator in m-Health Survey project in H.P conducted by Apollo Telenetworking foundation

Coinvestigator in ICMR based Tele ECG project

Publication List:

Standard operating procedures (SOP) for Procurement (Purchase) of Medical equipments in healthcare Institutions

Standard operating procedures (SOP) for Repair /Disposal of Equipments of Medical equipments in healthcare Institutions

National Human Rights commission in Healthcare: The Guardian of Patient Rights

Health care professional training in biomedical waste management at a tertiary care hospital in India

Development of Nursing Standards operating procedures (SOP’s) for ward management : An Initiative towards Quality care

Knowledge Regarding Infection Control Practices among Nurses in Rural Public Health Settings: An Emerging Public Health Concern in India

Conducted a research study titled "Perception of Healthcare Providers regarding hospital Bed Utilization at PGIMER,Chandigarh (Published in presitigious journal named world hospitals and Health services,2016, volume 52number 2)

24-Hour Tele-Electrocardiography Helpline For Rural Doctors Is A Game Changer In Resource Poor Settings

Smartphone-based tele-electrocardiography support for primary care physicians reduces the pain-to-treatment time in acute coronary syndrome

m-Health: A Critical Analysis of Awareness, Perception, and Attitude of Healthcare Among Providers in Himachal Pradesh, North India

Published article as coauthor titled Tele-ECG and 24-hour physician support over telephone for rural doctors can help early treatment of acute myocardial infarction in rural areas Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 07/2015; 22(3)

Telemedicine, Telehealth and m-Health: connecting the dots in healthcare delivery

Books contribution:

Contributed a chapters titled (a) Emergence of Health insurance in india, in a book published by Elsevier publication

Written and published a self help book titled”Officers leaders like Qualities”OLLQ.....Available on Amazon

From Problem to solution in Hospital Administration-- Case studies

Trainings and Trainer:

Organised State level ToT in Hospital Safety in collaboration with SDMA and NIDM

Trained in Disaster Management(member of a SAARC panel)

External Assesor for Quality assurance “Kayakalp program”

Identified as TOT for Hospital Safety program of the SDMA

Trainer for Management ,financial and leadership training at State training institute level

Successfully completed the “Leadersship and management Programe”(LAMP)in Health Research through INCLEN INTERNATIONAL and Milinda Gates foundation

Other professional contributions:

Conducted on job training programme for nursing staff on infection control practices and on administration and management

Organising secretary for the pharmacovigilance and heamovigilance programme of india”” in himachal, conducted 2 CME,s at Tanda medical college

Conducted a field study titled "Violence against doctors:A Dent in Doctor Patient Relationship

Conducted study on state of art expensive equipments titled:Utilisation of Gamma Knife at PGIMER

Study on complaints received in tertiary care hospital

Conducted a study on waiting time in OPD of tertiary care institution”

Conducted a study on perception of Nurses regarding hospital bed utilisation

Conducted a study on Evaluation of Awareness regarding Biomedical waste management”

Coordinated State level" Management Skill development training Programme" of Nursing staff at Dr.RPGMC,Tanda

Departmental Activities