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The specialty of anesthesiology has been marked by unprecedented growth and change in various methods of rendering the patients insensitive to pain. Monitoring and maintaining vital organ functions during surgery remains the main professional activity of the anesthesiologist. The practice of anesthesiology continues to grow as evidenced in the development of subspecialties like pain management, critical care and preoperative medicine.

Department of anesthesiology of Dr R.P.G.M.C was setup in 1997 at Dharamshala with two faculty members under the leadership of Dr R.S. Thakur. In December 2007 department was shifted to Dr RPGMC campus at Tanda. The department is currently running under the leadership of Dr Sudarshan Kumar.

Over the years , along with development of medical sciences , the department has set its own high standards in patient care, education and research. All surgical specialties are anchored to this specialty.

Total 37 junior residents are pursuing their MD Degrees in this department with annual intake of 13 students. All post graduates are posted in routine OTs, ICU, PAC and pain clinics in rotation.

Conferences, workshops and CMEs are organized and attended by the department regularly.


To provide a world class service oriented department by continually improving our processes and services to exceed our patients and community requirements by providing excellent ,sustainable and accessible health care services delivered in a timely manner by competent and compassionate staff through the full implementation of sound quality management systems by caring our patients ,education of students and conduct research to provide world class medicines conforming to all statutory and regulatory requirement


  • Improvement in Peri-Operative care of patients by pushing boundaries of discovery, transforming health care advances in medical care.
  • To meet expectations and needs of patients and their satisfaction and the community at large through effective communication, consultation and clinical skills.
  • Lifelong learning commitment.
  • Provide UG and PG student’s comprehensive portfolio of programmes by continuous professional development and quality evidence based teaching and training.

Hospital Improvement

  • To improve health of community and state by:
    • Setting the standards of excellence in medical education
    • Research
    • Clinical care
  • To provide accessible, equitable, holistic and responsive health care services.
  • To produce outstanding, compassionate and competent health professionals through teaching, training and development.
  • To engage in ethical, relevant researches to continuously conduct Bio-medical research.
  • Provide patients cantered medicine to prevent, diagnose and treat human illness.

Actions Proposed:

  • Zero tolerance to infection in OT, maintenance of asepsis in OT and critical areas(ICU).
  • Maximise case turnover and minimise cancellation of cases.
  • Efficient utilization of existing manpower and equipments.
  • Strengthening of outpatient services and provision of efficient critical care services.
  • Zero tolerance patient’s referral.
  • Strict adherence to safety protocols in peri- operative management.
  • To create awareness of biomedical waste management as per BWM guidelines.
  • Participation of staff in various orientation and refresher courses.
  • Provision of staff and manpower as per actual workload.
  • Regular maintenance / upkeepment of machinery and equipment.
  • Regular maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Establishment of biomedical engineering department: Posting of biomedical engineer and technical staff for on the spot maintenance work of costly equipments.
  • Back up services (CSSD, MGPS) to be outsourced for provision of efficient services by these departments.
  • Good human resource management in regard of organisational culture, motivational mechanisms, learning environment and staff well being and satisfaction to be ensured for effective utilization of their skills and expertise.
  • Service delivery and referral systems with functional management from access and entry of patients to discharge and continuity of patient care to be ensured in a time bound manner.
  • Standard SOP”s and protocol based on standard evidence based guidelines to be put into practice in patient’s health care delivery system.
  • Understanding of system core values and effective leadership in all health care delivery system.
  • Infrastructural issues to be addressed:
    • Establishment of Trauma centre & emergency dept., ICU as per AIIMS standards. Central computerisation, Pain/PAC clinic should be centrally registered and have optimal space separately for both facilities.
  • Staff requirement:
    • Deployment of all categories of technical and supporting staff as per actual workload. All staff should undergo refresher courses at a fixed time frame.

Academic Improvement

Aim to develop department where excellence in teaching is supported by commitment to research and innovation by developing portfolio of high quality programmes for UG and PG students with continuous professional development.

It is a diverse field and includes:

  • Medical students
  • Scientists
  • Health care professionals
  • Public improves

Patient health by developing competent, caring health care professionals and specialists, biomedical scientists who are lifelong learners, driven by scientific enquiry and the desire to serve our society’s evolving healthcare needs.

Effective communication, consultation and clinical skills development as per needs of patients and community requirement.

Lifelong learning commitment.

Actions Proposed:

  • Evidence based teaching in accordance with established guidelines,protocols,SOP’s various treatment algorithms designed and regulated by accredited bodies.
  • Hands on teaching and training of students in the workshops, conferences and CME.s.
  • More emphasis on orientations programs organised by accredited bodies and institutions.
  • Inter-institutionals/universities/college interactions, group discussions& exchange programmes to be promoted.
  • Guest lectures by eminent faculty.
  • Simulation based teaching, training as well as development of simulation and research labs.
  • To adopt modern methods of teaching and simulation models through audio-visual means.
  • Training on manikins’ and simulators to enable students to learn and get trained for safe practices.
  • To start and set up short term refresher courses in sub specialities of anaesthesia.

Treatment of Patients /community health improvement

  • Evidence based treatment of patients.
  • Treatment on lines of protocols, SOP &standard guidelines.
  • Consultency in patients care through Telemedicine, web based linkage with higher institute of excellence to seek expert guidance.
  • Ethernet based collection of data.
  • Development of sub speciality of anaesthesia (Neuro- Anaesthesia, Cardiac, Critical care dept. Pain & palliative care Facilities).

Treatment of Patients /community health improvementResearch

  • Development of research lab.
  • Provision of online journals, E book facilities and regularly updated library.
  • WIFI campus.
  • Research methodology regular updates and refresher courses to be made mandatory to all faculty , students participation in teaching and training in research to be made mandatory in the curriculum.

To improve health care delivery, hospital improvement, academic improvement. The following core values are imbibed in each health care provider:

  • Excellence and discovery (BE THE BEST).
  • Leadership and integrity (BE A ROLE MODEL).
  • Respect and collegiality (BE KIND).
  • Compassion and commitment towards patients, community and colleagues.
  • One should be competent, honest, and credible and share co-responsibility.

To ensure academic improvement ,transitional blocks need to be ensured :

High costs
Slow results
Lack of funding
Regulatory burden
Fragmented infrastructure
Incompatible database 

Gap between best evidence based practice and what actually happens is substantial and needs to be reduced.
For all these improvements/requirements, action plan is necessary.


Department of Anaesthesia is providing services in Operation Theatres, ICU, Pain Clinic, CT/MRI, CSSD & PAC clinic as well as providing assistance to various specialties all over the hospital. The department also covers multi specialty camps in remote areas. It currently runs eleven well equipped Operation Theatres, 6 of them being modular ones, on 3rd Floor OT complex, SSB 2nd & 3rd Floor and Maternity Block. 7 Operation Theatres are currently being renovated.  Department runs 8 bedded ICU which caters to critically ill patients. Anaesthesia services are also provided outside OT's like radiology procedure (CT, MRI) for paediatric patients, ECT and Emergency department. Department is running PAC and Pain Clinic. Interventional pain procedures are done for various chronic pain syndromes under fluoroscopic guidance. CSSD department with four CSSD supervisors is providing services to all departments and is well equipped with washer disinfector, sterilizer and ETO machine. Department has latest equipments including state of art Anaesthesia work station with  advance monitoring devices, washer disinfector , ETO , Rapid infusion systems , ultrasound machines , Transport ventilators , ICU ventilators, Fibre Optic Bronchoscope and fogging systems for sterilization of OT's and ICU.

Faculty Members

# Photo Name Qualifications Designations Email ID Date of Joining Awards
1 Dr. Jai Singh MBBS, MD Professor 28-07-2005
2 Dr. Shelly Rana


Professor 15-02-2007
3 Dr. Bharti Gupta


Associate Professor 10-04-2003
4 Dr. Versha Verma


Associate Professor 06-02-2010
5 Dr. Dheeraj Singha


Associate Professor 02-09-2013
6 Dr. Shyam Bhandari


Associate Professor 18-04-2015
7 Dr. Aman Thakur


Assistant Professor 01-08-2019
8 Dr. Nanish Sharma


Assistant Professor 25-02-2021
9 Dr Manoj Chandel


Assistant Professor 23-04-2021

Senior Residents

# Name Qualification Date of Joining
1 Dr. Alpana Kaistha


2 Dr. Anita Sharma


3 Dr. Anjana Badhan


4 Dr. Bhanu Gupta


5 Dr. Payal Shah


6 Dr. Charu Sharma (Medical Officer)


7 Dr. Gopal Singh


8 Dr. Neha Bhardwaj


9 Dr. Vipan Garg


10 Dr. Ashish Minhas


11 Dr Rita Khanoria



Junior Residents

# Name Date of Joining
1 Dr. Isha Khan 01-05-2019
2 Dr. Latesh Saphiya 03-05-2019
3 Dr. Maninder Sing Nehria 03-05-2019
4 Dr. Maninder Raizada 03-05-2019
5 Dr. Mohini Garg 01-05-2019
6 Dr. Nandini Sharma 03-05-2019
7 Dr. Nidhi Thakur 03-05-2019
8 Dr. Nishita Kaushal 02-05-2019
9 Dr. Neetiksha 03-05-2019
10 Dr. Poonam 03-05-2019
11 Dr. Radhika Sharma 02-05-2019
12 Dr. Shelly 03-05-2019
13 Dr. Urvashi Nautiyal 01-05-2019


B.Sc. in Anaesthesia and OT-Techniques


# Name Number of labs

Competency based under graduate curriculum

Competency Based UG Curriculum

Department Highlights (Past 2 Years)

Publication List:

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Departmental Activities

COLS (Compression Only Life Support) Training to bystanders.

NELS Training

ISA Branch of HP Chapter was inaugurated and was also registered

Dr Jai Singh (Professor & Head), Dr Shelly Rana (Professor), Dr Bharti Gupta (Associate Professor), Dr Shyam Bhandari (Associate Professor as part of RBCW Faculty) underwent ATCOM and (Revised Basic Course Workshop) training

Dr Shelly Rana (Professor), Dr Dheeraj Singha (Associate Professor), Dr Shyam Bhandari (Associate Professor), Dr Aman Thakur (Assistant Professor) successfully cleared Basic course in Biomedical Research (ICMR)

Dr Jai Singh (Professor & Head), Dr Shelly Rana (Professor) underwent curriculum Implementation Support Programme (CSIP) training


ISA Branch of HP Chapter to be inaugurated

8th HP Chapter of ISACON will be organised in 2020