The development of Microbiology as a scientific discipline dates from Louis Pasteur (1822-95). A number of scientists from this field have been awarded noble Prize, which is evidence of the positive contribution made to human health by the science of microbiology. The branch of Microbiology is a vast subject & medical Microbiology is that section of Microbiology which deals with the study of microorganisms of medical importance.


The role of Microbiology is to provide clinical consultation on investigation, diagnosis & treatment of patients suffering from infectious diseases and infection control programmes. The second government Medical College (Dr. RPGMC, Kangra at Tanda) of the state was established to cater to the needs of people of the district Kangra and other surrounding districts. The department of Microbiology was setup in November, 1997.


Apart from teaching MBBS & B.Sc. MLT  students, round the clock diagnostic facilities & emergency care is being provided to patients by faculty members and Sr. Residents.


Department of Microbiology is located in the left wing of 2nd floor of Dr. B.C. Roy, Para clinical Block.


  • Starting post graduation (MD) in the discipline in the  next academic session

  • Establishment of IRL Laboratory for culture & drug Sensitivity of Mycobacterium  tuberculosis.

  • Establishment of H1N1 Lab for diagnosis of swine flu.

  • To set anaerobic Culture system facilities.

  • To set up hospital infection control laboratory.




Dr. Rajendra Prasad Medical college Kangra at Tanda (Himachal Pradesh)-176001 India