Machinery & Equipments:

The department of ENT is fully equipped with highly speciallised instruments and machinery like operating microscopes with CCTV camera, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), audiometer- typanometer and naso pharyngoscope.  

Functioning of department: 

In addition to providing routine and emergency services to the patients, department of ENT is organizing FESS and highly complicated case surgeries. A camp in collaboration with Ripu Daman Charitable Trust Matour (Kangra) was organized, Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva senior consultant Forti’s Hospital New Delhi being the head of operating team Recently department has been entrusted with responsibilities of co-ordinating State ResourceCenter for rehabilitation of persons.



Proposal for starting proper post graduation in the department has been submitted to Govt. Dr. Rajneesh Sharma Registrar E.N.T. has published paper on the topic of Brain Stem Evoked Responses Audiometery in children, “unusual foreign bodies in paranasal sinuses” in Indian journal of otology and Indian journal of Otorhinolaryngology respectively.       









Dr. Rajendra Prasad Medical college Kangra at Tanda (Himachal Pradesh)-176001 India