Department of Dermatology Venereology and Leprosy


Department information

The department of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy is housed in about 438 sq meters (5200 sq feet) floor area. There are three clinic rooms, minor OT, Laboratory, nursing station, record room, counselor room, residents’ room, phototherapy room, and a day care area of about 890 sq. feet, reception area and enough patient waiting area. In addition, there is one teaching room of about 890 sq. feet area which is shared with Psychiatry department. The department has started post graduation (MD) course from the academic year 2010 having three PG students per year. In addition to central library the department has its own well stocked library having more 150 books and scientific journals related to the specialty which are available for reference as and when needed.

Equipments and Facilities available 

Department of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy is providing OPD services on all days. Equipments like PUVA Chambers, Research microscope, Light microscopes, Electrosurgical unit, Liquid N2 Cryosurgical unit, Micromotor, Wood’s lamp, Megna vision, etc are available. Special clinics for the diagnosis, management and follow up of reproductive tract infections (RTI/STI), leprosy, contact dermatitis, pigmentary dermatoses, pemphigus and psoriasis are held on different days of the week.   Free treatment for STI and leprosy patients and management of lepra reaction cases is also being provided. Department is also providing advanced therapeutic facilities viz. electrocautery, vitiligo surgery like punch grafting and suction blister grafting, hair transplant, tattoo removal, mole surgery and phototherapy, etc. The investigative facilities like patch testing, KOH smears for fungus, and basic investigations for sexually transmitted infections are available in the departmental clinical side lab. The faculty members have special interest and experience in the diagnosis and management of deep fungal infections (sporotrichosis, chromoblasatomycosis), leishmaniasis, psoriasis and vitiligo. The department caters to about 30000 new and old outdoor patients annually which are likely to increase in coming years.

 Teaching Faculty


Professor and HOD

 Dr. Vikram Mahajan


Associate Professor

Dr. Karan Inder Singh Mehta


Assistant Professor

Dr. Pushpinder S. Chauhan


Registrar/Sr Resident

Dr Mrinal Gupta, Dr. Ritu Rawat


Other Staff Members

Clerk                                       -

Staff Nurse                              Ms Suman 

Sr. Lab technician                     Ms Ambika Sharma

RTI/STI Counselor                     Mr Kapil Dev

ALO                                       Sh Mahinder Singh

Class IV                                  Mr Satish Kumar



At present the department is providing MBBS and MD (DVL) teaching

Ongoing research activities