Biophysics  is a molecular science which seeks to explain  various biomedical processes in terms of  molecular structures and properties of specific molecules. It uses various biophysical  principles to describe the biomedical processes for the purpose of medical applications both in normal and diseased  states. It is a vibrant interdisciplinary area with links to all the functional medical branches. The biological questions with which the biophysics is concerned are highly diverse. It is the potential of biophysics to describe that how the photons, odours ,  sound waves, flavours or touches are detected by the respective sense organs and converted into electrical  signals that feed the brain with information about the external world. It explains, say for example, how a muscle convert.  The chemical energy of hydrolysis of ATP into mechanical force & movement. It is the biophysics which addresses  structurally that  how a single long DNA molecule unfolds and replicates with great precision or directs the production of proteins. The list is endless. Biophysics being a diverse field has specialized areas such as molecular & structural biophysics,  radiation biophysics, cancer biophysics with imaging & radio-pharmaceuticals, theoretical & computational biophysics, biophysical techniques & mechanisms, membrane biophysics, biophysical proteomics & genomics etc. The faculty in biophysics often have doctoral & post doctoral work in these areas.

Our department is mainly involved in teaching the various biophysical principles involved in human system both in normal & diseased  conditions. The faculty intends to start the applied research work towards patient care. The department. has  two faculty members at a level of  Professor (Dr. Rajeev Goel) and  Assistant Professor ( Mrs. Richa Sood).








Dr. Rajendra Prasad Medical college Kangra at Tanda (Himachal Pradesh)-176001 India